About Ian’s Trust

Ian Cusack was our second and youngest son and he was a handsome blond haired blue eyed boy who always wanted to be a super hero. His nickname was Ian Bean. He loved life and he could have been anything he wanted to be. We loved him to the moon and back….

We have set up Ian’s Trust

On the 25th September 2008 Ian’s life changed forever when he suffered a very severe acquired brain injury following a road traffic accident. As a family we were plummeted an unknown world of intensive care units and long protracted illness as the doctors fought to ensure that Ian did not die.
Initially we were in deep shock as the doctors battled to keep Ian alive. Once he was off the ventilator and his condition was no longer critical he was unable to walk or talk and the long road to rehabilitation began.

During our time in various hospitals all over the country we soon came to realise that there was no support system for children with acquired brain injury and their families especially between the ages of 6 and 16. We found this to be so difficult, and the fight to try to set up our own ‘service’ for Ian began. We did this to the best of our ability through the help of our local community who fundraised for Ian.

The reality is that once a child suffers an Acquired Brain Injury life for the family will never be the same again. and no matter how positive the outcome is the financial strain on the family is enormous.

In addition to this families are faced with the constant fight for vital equipment needed to care for their child.

We would like to focus our fundraising efforts for Ian’s trust in providing financial support for families of children with Acquired Brain Injury to try to alleviate the in some way the financial strain on them, to ensure that each child reaches their potential and also enhance the quality of their quality of lives.

Oorla Cusack
On behalf of
Ians Bean Team